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About Us

The UCCS Feminist Club meets every first Tuesday of the month in MOSAIC with group members to engage in volunteer opportunities, stay in touch, be supportive of one-another, and talk about how we are all helping to achieve equality! We do large-scale volunteer efforts, which will directly benefit our local community! EVERYONE is welcome to join, regardless of gender, race, background or beliefs, as long as you believe in equality and feminism. We are all about intersectional feminism and making noise to enact change. This club is dedicated to fighting for our fellow femmes, so that hopefully one day we all have equal rights and bodily autonomy. Everyone is welcome, we support BLACK LIVES MATTER and the LGBTQ+ community, our club is a safe space. Come as you are and come when you can, there is no commitments needed to attend our events. It's time to FIGHT for FEMINISM! 

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