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Colorado Springs Women's March 2023

On March 18th of 2023, the UCCS Feminist Club completed their third annual Women's March in downtown Colorado Springs. Women's History Month celebrates the contributions of women to culture, history, science, and all aspects of society. In addition to celebrating women in history, the feminist club believes it provides us with a platform to advocate for our rights. Since the inception of the club, it was clear that there was a need for feminist outreach particularly in Colorado Springs, where women's rights issues tend to be overlooked. That's why, every March, in celebration of Women's History Month, the UCCS Feminist Club takes to the streets to make our voices heard.

The march always starts in front Pioneer Museum in downtown Colorado Springs. Before we begin the march, we do a land acknowledgement led by our staff representative, Professor Tua'one. A land acknowledgement is meant to signal our respect for the Indigenous community and those who stewarded the land. If you want to learn more about land acknowledgments UCCS has one you can check out here. We also make time for any of our marchers who would like to speak and share their thoughts on our demonstration: why it matters to them. On this subject Professor Tua'one expresses the importance of marching, "It is crucial to march in places like Colorado Springs," said Professor Tua'one.

Mobilizing a Women's March in Colorado Springs is much harder than organizing a march in a larger and more liberal city. In smaller, conservative locations, like Colorado Springs, marching can have a more significant impact. "It can be intimindating marching and making our voices heard; but it's easier when you march together, as a team," said Alissa Beehler. Making people uncomfortable is part of making progress. We march to show our community that our voices matter. While marching, we get a mixed response from members of our audience, honks for support, negative shouts from people in their cars, and some people feel compelled to join us and march along. Whatever the response, we will continue to be an advocate for women within our community.

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