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Intimate Partner Violence Workshop

Join the Feminist Club for our upcoming Intimate Partner Violence Workshop

Everyone deserves to be safe in their relationship. That is why UCCS Feminist Club has asked a guest speaker from local organization TESSA to speak to and lead our students in a discussion on intimate partner violence (IPV). This event will focus on resources available on campus and in Colorado Springs.

TESSA is a local Colorado Springs organization dedicated to "empowering victims of partner and sexual violence to take back the life that is rightfully theirs" TESSACS.ORG. TESSA offers a variety of confidential services and support for victims of for victims of inter-personal violence, sexual assault, stalking or human trafficking and their children. Our guest speaker will be leading us through our roles as bystanders and as victims and what resources we have to help others and ourselves.

Awareness of IPV is critically important for college campuses for several reasons. IPV, which includes physical, sexual, emotional, or psychological abuse between partners in a romantic or sexual relationship, can have devastating consequences for those involved. IPV is not limited to a specific demographic and can affect anyone, and learning the signs at at early age can help protect us from entering a potentially dangerous situtuation. Promoting awareness of IPV on college campuses is essential for creating a safer and more supportive environment for students. It empowers individuals to recognize, prevent, and address IPV while fostering a culture of respect and healthy relationships.

Please keep in mind the workshop material will be sensitive and could be triggering to some.

Refreshments will be available at the event.


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